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Barbara Blitzer, LCSW-C, M.Ed.

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Specialty: Infertility

As anyone who has experienced infertility can attest, what happens to our bodies directly affects our sense of well being, security, and optimism. Often the challenges of infertility treatment shake our belief that we can create the lives we want, as hope is followed by monthly disappointment.

I have developed a unique style of integrating a range of approaches to help each individual achieve the best outcome possible. My skills, experience and training can help you navigate the complicated maze of psychological issues that surround fertility challenges. As a pioneer in mind-body approaches, my work with infertility has been noted in the Washington Post,,, conceiveonline and Washington Woman.

My original and breakthrough work in the field has come together in my book, entitled The Infertility Workbook, A Mind-Body Program to Enhance Fertility, Reduce Stress, and Maintain Emotional Balance. published by New Harbinger. The Infertility Workbook provides comprehensive information and mind-body exercises to help you have the best chance at success while reducing your stress.

To support the workbook, I am now offering The Infertility Workbook Coaching Program. This gives you direct access to the author in helping you achieve a successful pregnancy and experience greater peace of mind. Wherever you live, I am available to you, in person, by phone or through Skype, to step you through my comprehensive approach to increasing the likelihood of pregnancy.

Contact me to learn more about The Infertility Workbook Coaching Program or psychotherapy, two ways that I can tailor a program that takes into account your specific goals, your particular medical issues, your personal self-exploration style, your comfort level with various mind-body techniques and your unique obstacles. The results can include: improving emotional and physical balance, reducing stress, enhancing a sense of peacefulness, clarifying decision making, and feeling good about yourself even during difficult times.

Clients of mine report an increased calm, a reduction of physical stress symptoms, greater ease tolerating procedures, and overall brighter mood, and often a positive outcome in their quest.


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